About me

I earned my MSc degree in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Verona (Italy).


My academic interests lie mainly in the areas of computer security and formal methods. You can find my publications (with preprints, where available), as well as some extra material, on the Academia page.

Open source work


I have (slowly) started contributing to FlightGear, a free and open source flight simulator.


I have contributed (in whole or in part) to Italian translations for several software packages, including:

Contact me

You can contact me per e-mail at the following address (obfuscated to avoid spambots):

name dot surname at this domain

(Please use an appropriate e-mail subject and avoid sending big attachments without prior notice).


I strongly recommend using encrypted e-mail for privacy: you can find my GPG key here or get it from all major key servers, e.g. the SKS keyservers pool. Its key ID is 0xBF334213F5C5CA03 and its fingerprint is 6731 DDC2 8357 BEC3 8E34 2AAF BF33 4213 F5C5 CA03.

Note that my old key, 0x8CEFF2C1E97587C2, was retired on January 28th, 2017 (see the transition statement).

I am open to signing GPG keys under my certification policy.

Comments on blog posts

This site does not have commenting functionality built in. This stems mainly from my decision — matured after several years — to abandon CMSs and switch to a static page generator for all the right reasons:

  1. The only advantage CMSs bring to me is comment management. Everything else can be done just using pure HTML and (at most) a couple of scripts.
  2. I strive to maintain this site accessible, minimal and fast. CMSs don’t give me much fine-grained control over the generated markup easily.
  3. I dislike using third-party comment management tools due to privacy concerns. Moreover, privacy policies do not always give me all details I should be able to give regarding the processing of personal data, especially with regard to cookie use — not to mention user profiling and data transfers to the United States.

Should you wish to comment on my posts, just send me an e-mail or a tweet to @AlessMenti. You can also submit them to Hacker News or Reddit for public discussion.