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  • Transitioning to a new GPG keypair

    Since my old GPG keypair had a few UIDs I don’t employ any more and did not adhere to current best practices, I decided to transition to a new one. As usual, you can download it from this Web site, or from the SKS keyservers pool (preferred, since you will also fetch all certification signatures I will get in the future); make sure to check its fingerprint before relying on it. You can also get the transition statement (more on that later) to verify that, in fact, this new key was generated by me. Read more

  • Site revamped

    After a long hiatus, I’ve finally decided to revamp my site to give it a new, modern look and to (finally) free myself from the need of maintaining a CMS just to serve a bunch of static pages. I’ve rebuilt everything with Jekyll, added my open source work/translations to the About me section and my publications to the Academia page (links to preprints and slides included!), and applied a couple of optimizations as well. Read more